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What We Offer
Plant filled contemporary office space

Our priority is to create strategic and substantive partnerships, locally and internationally, that lead to a better and more interconnected world.


We tailor and meticulously craft our services to meet the needs of our partners/clients to ensure successful outcomes.

We work with non-profits, governments, innovative companies, institutions and individuals. 

Issues and Causes
Environment Activists Protest

Diplomatica supports partners and clients working on the following critical issues affecting our world:

  • Climate Change and the Environment

  • Social Justice

  • Economic Development

  • Education


Pop Up Shop featuring the burgeoning and vibrant creative energy and exceptional craftsmanship of artists and designers from around the world, with a specific emphasis on the African continent.


The Pop-Ups highlight under-represented and up and coming local talent.


We also promote and showcase local Los Angeles artists/creatives abroad.

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