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Explore Austria’s Pioneering Green Building Solutions for a Sustainable Future


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The unprecedented housing crisis in the United States, and its perseverance, is teaching us that different approaches to solving the issue must be explored. According to recent estimates, the country needs at least 3.8 million units of housing to keep up with demand. These are remarkably challenging times that require extraordinary measures. Learning together, through international collaboration, can lead to systems change and innovation.

To improve affordability, states should consider preempting municipalities from enforcing land use restrictions that raise housing costs. The
harmonization of land use laws, and innovation in construction processes could reduce costs, and scale production and affordability.

Green buildings have an increased asset value of over 9%, and the US invested over $86 billion in green building projects in 2021.
Green buildings can reduce water consumption by 20-30% and CO2 emissions by up to 35%, with an average operating cost savings of 10.5% in the first year.

Austria is a global leader in green disruptive technologies using cross laminated timber. Sustainable construction is anchored in the understanding that economics, ecology, and society are interconnected systems. It manifests in buildings with outstanding ecological, economic, and socio-cultural quality, offering environmental and societal benefits. Employing cutting-edge technologies in construction promises substantial savings and the ability to efficiently increase housing production, crucial to addressing the lack of affordable housing in many urban centers while providing a comprehensive climate strategy.

Austria is pioneering advancements in timber construction, fire prevention, reforestation, high-quality solar energy, biomass heating, and passive ventilation systems. Playing a pivotal role in developing the first passive houses,
Austria is setting a global standard for sustainable construction.

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