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Founded in 2019, Diplomatica is a women owned firm deeply committed to seeking holistic and innovative solutions to urban issues by globally connecting and helping build strong and resilient communities. We thrive in  international and local environments where innovative concepts, hard work and people centered experiences unfold into successful outcomes that lead to extraordinary collaborations and relationships. 
Diplomatica was born out of a desire to create an enterprise that is positioned to build partnerships across sectors, a particularly critical endeavor given the shifting landscape of established channels and paradigms. We strive to provide opportunities for understanding and learning from innovative cities and regions around the world to tackle challenging societal and climatic issues, while engaging on projects with a wide range of contents, goals, objectives, and themes.
​Our team’s professional and personal quests, backgrounds and experiences deeply inform our vision, who we are, and the change we want to see and do in the world. Diplomatica is more than a company, we are genuine global connectors whose endeavor is to do business with intention and ethics, and to share our successes with those we work with. ​
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