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Diplomatica was born out of a desire to create a business enterprise that is unlike conventional models, one that is positioned to build diplomatic ties and partnerships across sectors, a particularly critical endeavor given the shifting landscape of established diplomatic channels and paradigms.

As a women-owned company, based in Los Angeles, California - we are passionate about the global community and the creation of unconventional ideas that translate into real impact for our clients, partners, and extended community. 

Our enterprise strives to bring people closer together and provide opportunities for cultural fluency and understanding while engaging on projects with a wide range of contents, themes, and different goals and objectives. 

We thrive in local and international environments where innovative concepts, hard work and people centered experiences unfold into successful outcomes that lead to extraordinary collaborations, relationships and partnerships. 

Our combined professional and personal quests, travels, backgrounds and experiences have forever impacted the way we see the world and how we seek to have a positive impact, while also deeply informing who we are and the change we want to see, and do in the world. 

We are more than a company, we are a genuine global connector whose endeavor is to do business with intention and ethics, and to share our successes with those we work with. 

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